HER Treasures Fundraiser

HER Treasures Boutique is on a mission to empower women to be proud to be HER beyond societal classifications of style and fashion. Our goal is to employ and provide opportunity for women of color all over the world to express themselves through style! In order to begin this process we need your help. These last seven years we have provided great curation of style to several countries and we desire to continue to grow! With your contribution we will be able to increase inventory, marketing, production and manufacturing! 
 Our goal is to raise 10k to assist with operational costs including but not limited to inventory growth, manufacturing and business marketing.  For seven years it has been funded solely by the works of its owner and founder, Stacey Lynn Emerson. Most businesses ask for start up funds but we were determined to show our supporters that their donation will not be vain! Throughout these years we have remained consistent in our endeavors to provide quality clothing, superb customer service and style. We could not have done it without the support of family, friends and customers like you. We have prided ourselves on being a company with a mission to give back to our community through fundraisers, clothing drives and prom giveaways. Stacey has individually raised over $30k for nonprofits in Chicago, IL to give back to the youth in the areas of art, mentorship and education. She is passionate about creating spaces of opportunity for more people to follow their dreams. Through your contribution you will help in expanding our company's ability to scale and reach more people. 
Thank you for your seed of faith! We promise to use it in the growth of our company and appreciate your willingness to believe in our mission and our vision to grow and give opportunity to women of color all over to take their position in the fashion industry!