Events for HER


HER Shopping Day Party

Everyone likes to shop with their girlfriends but who wants to stand in line at the store? No one! So how would you like a personalized shopping experience with all your girlfriends? You'd love it. I know! So let us bring the mall to you and your friends and have a HER Shopping Day. We bring the clothes and you bring your friends. 

We will provide:
-Comfortable private location (disclosed to only you and your guests)
- Personalized invitations (via text message and email)
- Shopping games/ raffles 
- customized shopping choices for each attendee upon completion of a form 
- Complimentary bottle of wine/juice

- invite your friends
- provide food and/or snacks (optional)
- Utensils and plasticware  (optional)

You have become the host to the best SHOPPING day ever! 
Retail therapy complete!

Click the link below to get started!